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I am so happy you are at least liking the new place. The extras sound great! It may give you a little extra time togehter (ie, snow removal)!
Quinn just sounds like pure joy! I can't believe how he is such a big helper. That is really great. I know kids 3 times his age that won't do a thing! HAHAHA. I love the play dough ideas... I will keep that in mid when I babysit again.
Thanks so much for sharing. We miss all of you!


*keep that in MIND* oops


What a wonderful blog, Erika. I'm so glad to be a follower!
Violet also adores Play Doh and spends many hours - HOURS - playing with Grandpa. Right now, she prefers making lollipops, complete with sticks and cellophane wrappers tied with ribbon.
Sounds like you enjoy Alaska. I'd love to visit some day.

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